1342 Lake Mary Blvd., Lake Mary, FL 32746
Open: 11am - 11:30pm (Mon-Sun)

Special Events

We can organize almost any type of event in our space. Please contact us at 407-555-5555 to start organizing your event today. Some of our past events include :
Check out some of our partners who help make our top-notch events unforgetable :

Sharon Katz Bat Mitzvah
Levi Straus Jeanz Off Party
Brunettes in Beatup Cars Cympozium
Sohpisticated PBR Hipster Sippers Club

  Picture of people drinking and listening to music at Baylee's Bar.

Our wine and cigar bar is the perfect venue for special events of many kinds. Come check out one of the nights listed here and talk to us about arranging your event.

 Picture of people drinking and smoking cigars at Baylee's Bar.  ♠ June 15th ♠ Buddy Guy ♠
♦ June 27th ♦ Postmodern Juke Box ♦
♥ July 6th ♥ Jonny Lang ♥
♣ July 25th ♣ Thelonious Monk ♣